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Selected Works


The House of the White Rabbit


A rabbit sized tableaux installed underground (in a bomb shelter) in Boswil, Switzerland - October 2000.  Rabbit, small wooden house, alarm clocks, school children.


Myths develop around us offering dreams of power and happiness and they thrive on our commitment to them, through our imagination which beleives in the promises, the time that the facade offers.

Fairytales are also created and in order for us to enter them we must give ouselves, as children, through our imagination to that other time in which the story exists.  Fairytales may not be of this world but they do influence the way in which we perceive it.

When Alice encounters the White Rabbit he is the master of time and he creates the atmosphere, a landscape of fear and wonder.  He is really late and we too must be, there is no choice for he is lateness itself and in the land of the White Rabbit time and we are always late.

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