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Selected Works


Poor Cow and the Milkman

An installation – performance made for Rakvere Museum, Estonia. July 2000

A darkened room in a museum of natural history. The floor is covered in hay and a large black and white cow gently chews the cud. Against the wall is a bath full of milk connected to a shower system. Projected on to the wall is video documentation showing the killing, bleeding debowelling and first butchery of pigs in a slaughterhouse. Periodically during the film the workers wash down the carcass of the pig with water. At that point the artist, wearing a large overcoat (but naked underneath) and cowboy hat steps into the bath and takes a shower in milk with the image of the pig projected onto his body. Each time a pig’s body is washed in the film, the artists body is washed by the milk. Throughout the performance American Country and Western music is played mournfully by two other performers at the back of the room. They play lonesome Cowboy songs

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