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Filter - Made for the stairway of the High School, Kohila. Estonia

An old metal bed, piled high with kids mattresses collected from nurseries. Really dirty and pissy, but also a bit like the princess and the pea story. On the top sits an old tin bath full of water and from high up in the building, a leaky pipe drips water into the bath so that throughout the day the water seeps through the mattresses, filters out all the “lovely stuff” and is collected in buckets at the bottom of the bed. Then this water is also poured back on top of the bed continually throughout the day so that by ten o'clock at night the buckets are full of stuff that looks like Guiness but doesn't smell like it. Then a little action. Me and a young student, (nice kid - joining the army soon) take the buckets and sit side by side. Then we pick up the buckets and take a big gob full of the stuff, put down the buckets and then hold the water in our mouths as long as possible which is only about ten seconds at a time actually. Then I spit into his bucket and he spits into mine AND we begin all over again recycling the black stuff from one bucket to another via our mouths. Not for very long I can tell you, maybe only seven or eight minutes. But it was enough

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