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Born in England and living and working in Estonia since independence from the Soviet Union, I have been producing sculpture, installations and video works and photography and exhibiting in Estonia and internationally. I am also the curator of a number of international exhibitions. In addition, I am also a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, the Pallas Art Academy in Tartu and a teacher in Kohila High School, Raplamaa. I am a member of the artists group “Estonian Energies”. I was holder of the "Ela ja sära" award for art in Estonia 2009/10 and have received numerous grants and awards from the Estonian Art Foundation and the Estonian Artists association. Showing locally and abroad my work is in the collections of the Estonian Art Museum and the Tartu Art Museum as well as private collectors. I have tutored Bachelor, Masters and PhD students at the Estonian Academy and was instrumental in establishing the Interdisciplinary Arts Department at the academy. In England, following my studies, I was also the director of an artist co-operative (St Etheldreda Art Studios) for 10 years and a lecturer in sculpture.






Mobile:            (+372) 51 04389

e-mail :  



Born:                     1953



Art education :

                               Hull College of Art, UK                      1973 - 1974 Foundation

                               Norwich School of Art, UK                 1978 - 1981 BA Fine Art

                               Chelsea School of Art, UK                 1988 - 1989 MA Sculpture






Curated exhibitions:

                                Tallinn Norwich Kunstikontakt, England                       1993

                                Tallinn Norwich Kunstikontakt, Estonia                        1994

                                Miranda Housden, Fertile, Tallinn Estonia                   1995     

                                Baltic SEAS, England                                                   1995

                                Forgotten Present, Vilnius, Lithuania                           1996

                                Earthly Delights, Tallinn Botanic Gardens                    1998 

                                Anatoomikum, Tartu, Estonia                                       1999

                                Eesti Energiad, WUK, Vienna, Austria                         2001

                                Gooseflesh2, Rakvere, Estonia                                    2001

                                Gooseflesh3, Haapsalu, Estonia                                  2002

                                Dependency, non-dependency,

                                Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia                                                 2002

                                Mohni Island, Estonia                                                    2003

                                Viinistu 2004, Estonia                                                    2004

                                Kuu, Eesti Energiad at Unit B Gallery                           2010

                                San Antonio Texas

                                Eesti Energiad, Gallery A, Turku, Finland                     2011

  Tre, Eesti Energiad, Snehta Gallery, Athens      2019


Exhibitions :


Group:                   Construction in Process, Lodz, Poland                        2000

                                Aids in Culture, Rotterman Art Museum, Tallinn         2000

                                Gooseflesh, Rakvere, Estonia                                    2000

                                View Assistance, Boswil, Switzerland                         2000

                               Eesti Energia, WUK, Vienna, Austria                           2001

                                Koostöö, Rakvere Museum, Estonia                           2001

                                Library of Unpublished Works,      

                                House Gallery, London                                                2001

                                Groundrush, Tartu, Estonia                                          2001

                                Circus of Life, Tallinn. Estonia                                      2002

                                Eesti Energiad - Kuu, Hafnarborg, Iceland                   2002

                                Gooseflesh3, Haapsalu, Estonia (with Anne

                                Daniela Rodgers)                                                          2002

                                Evidence, Essor Gallery, London                                  2002

                                Kuu, Hafnarborg Museum, Iceland                               2002

                                Mohni, Mohni Island, Estonia                                       2003

                                Estonian Art after the Second World War,                    2003

                                Estonian Art Museum, Tallinn

                                Riga Sculpture Quadrennial, Latvia                              2004

                                (with Anne Daniela Rodgers)

                                Viinistu 2004, Estonia                                                    2004

                                Beijing Biennale, China                                                 2005

                                C1119-Dead Dog, Edinburgh. Scotland                        2005

                                Wave, Estonian Sculpture Association                         2006

                                Jõhvi. Estonia

                                City. One Zero Gallery, Edinburgh. Scotland                2006

                                Backward Blues, National Centre for

                                Contemporary Art, Moscow                                           2007

                                Power and freedom, Tallinn Art Hall,                             2007

                                and Pärnu, Estonia

                                Obscurum per obscurius, Tallinn Art Hall                      2008

                                (with Anne Daniela Rodgers)

                                Pornography, Rakvere Museum, Estonia                     2009

                                (with Anne Daniela Rodgers)

                                Seanahk performance festival, Haapsalu, Estonia       2009

                                (with Anne Daniela Rodgers)

                                Seanahk performance festival, Haapsalu, Estonia       2010

                                Kuu, Eesti Energiad at Unit B Gallery, San Antonio      2010

                                Texas, USA

                                Meeting with a friend in Marfa, Eesti Energiad,             2011

                                Gallery A, Turku, Finland

                                Never Built Monuments, National Gallery of Art            2011

                                Vilnius. Lithuania

                                Eesti Energiad, Tbilisi, Georgia                                      2011

                                Ühislinn, Tallinn, Estonia                                                2012

                                Three men alone, Eesti Energiad,                                  2013

                                Kuenstlerhaus, Speyer, Germany

                                Game, Palmse Mois, Estonia                                         2015

                                Pärnu Art Museum, Sculptors Association show            2015

                                Locus Genii, Viinistu Museum, Estonia 2017

The State is not an Artwork, Freedom Gallery, Tallinn 2018

Ultimate Beauty, Pärnu Art Museum, Estonia         2019

Eesti Energiad In Izevsk Art Museum, Russia                2019

Locus Genii, Viinistu Museum, Estonia                           2019

Ultimate Beauty, Pärnu, Estonia 2019

Vertical Borders Event, Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia 2020

Resurection, Türi Culture Centre, Estonia 2020

Diverse Universe, Pärnu, Estonia 2021

Power of Practice, Tartu Art Museum, Estonia 2021

Skating on thin Ice, Türi Culture Centre, Estonia 2022

Conserved Material, Viinistu Art Museu, Estonia 2022

Leo Lapin Memorial, Karepa Art Museum, Estonia 2022

Every person is born in disparate fragments,

Ars project room, Tallinn 2023



Exhibitions :


Solo or tandem:     Lanchester Gallery, Coventry. UK                               1987

                                Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham UK                          1989

                                Windsor Art Centre, UK                                                1991

                                Collective Gallery, Edinburgh UK                                 1993

                                Sammas Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia                                 1993

                                Sammas Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia                                 1995

                                Botanic Gardens, Tallinn Estonia                                  1997

                                Peri Gallery, Turku, Finland (with Jüri Ojaver)              1998

                                Kütiorg Sculpture Park, Estonia       1999

                                Zebra Gallery, Tartu, Estonia                                         2000

                                Kohila High School, Estonia                                          2000

                                Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn Estonia                                     2002

                                Hansapank Gallery, Tallinn (with Anne Daniela

                                Rodgers)                                                                       2002

                                Sniff sniff, City Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia                         2005

                                Art Museum Tartu, Estonia (with Anne Daniela            2006 


                                Transplants, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn, Estonia         2007

                                Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia                             2009

                                Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia                             2012

                                Relative Narratives, Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

                                (with Anne Daniela Rodgers)                                        2014

Still life with Windmills, Hobusepea Gallery       2016

Tallinn, Estonia

Lilith in Absentia, Freedom Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia     2018

Tre, Estonian Energies at Snehta Gallery, Athens        2019

New Work, Türi Culture Centre Gallery, Estonia       2020