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2007 Backward Blues - The National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow

Terminal Convalescent
Old car and bandages

I was born and bred in England but live in Estonia.  The tale in our family is that my great, great Grandmother was actually Jewish, but, that aside, if you could go back far enough there would probably be some French or Viking or Germanic or Celtic blood somewhere along the line.  My wife is half Estonian half Lithuanian with probably some Polish somewhere in the Lithuanian connection.  We are living examples of Darwin’s beautiful theory of decent with modification – which is not miraculous but is amazing.  We have two little boys and I wonder with some trepidation just what labels may be put on them in the future. We get old and die, nature is indifferent but we - we live on in our genes.   However some things, like some ideas, become extinct, nature is indifferent but we – we can be kind.