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Selected Works


2008 Brew

An installation in collaboration with Anne Daniela Rodgers for the Exhibition “Obscurum per Obscurius” Tallinn Art Hall 2008

A video screen shows a seated man, simply and conservatively dressed, opening the Bible and then steadily, methodically ripping out the pages while at the same time incanting “He loves me He loves me not”, over and over in the same manner that a young girl in springtime might pull the petals off a daisy, one by one discarding them until the final petal reveals to her whether she is loved, or not, by the object of her desire.
The second element is an extremely large teapot made form bronze on an altar like pedestal. Inside is a brew of water and the leaves of the bible which was defoliated in the video.
On the wall are photographs documenting the making of cups of tea from the leaves of the bible shown in the video and of children drinking the tea.

(The teapot – often referred to as the “celestial teapot” - refers to a statement by the British philosopher, Bertrand Russell, in which he expounds on the impossibility of proof for some propositions in our universe, on the likely-hood of truth, and how the most unlikely of assertions have been affirmed and instilled into the minds of children over countless generations.)