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Selected Works


Lilith in Absentia – Freedom Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 2018


A flat screen showing a short video clip (1min 38sec) taken from the 1950’s film “Night of the Hunter” showing children escaping from danger along a river with one small girl singing a haunting melody, spliced with a moment of a Kurdish woman sniper fighting in Syria narrowly missing death herself from another snipers bullet.

Nearby a modernist sculptural form of an enigmatic, dark oculus creature emerging from a black framed void, like a mirror.

A large diasec print of 3 Kurdish women also involved in the war in Syria.

A boat like form made from black rubber, on which are strewn cushions and blankets for a sniper to lay comfortably to us the rifle made of clay. There are also camouflage clothes and boots which are also covered in the clay that permeates the boat.

A diasec print (50cm x 30cm) of an orientalist oil painting by Benjamin Jean Joseph Constant.


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