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Selected Works


The impossibility of finding a common language
When faced with the inevitability of separation

Tallinn Art Hall Gallery 2002

Video: 8min loop
Looped film of a performance of legless, twin, sword fencers never quite making contact but fighting on until exhausted.

Video: 45min
Film showning young school pupils laughing at a video of obscene and sick jokes being told to them by prominent figure of the Estonian art world. The "comedians" are inverted on the screen.

Video and Sculpted portrait of the artist made from a pig's head: 3 min loop
A freak portrait, which mournfully watches a video projection on the oposite wall. The video is of siamese twins running happily together but just at the moment when the twins raise their hand as if to touch the onlooker, a vicious snarling dog appears. In the background can be heard an overly romantic version of "I only have eyes for you" by the Flamingos.

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