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Selected Works


Exhibition for MASC Foundation in Vienna 2023


Two new works created for an Estonian Energies exhibition (with Jaan Toomik and Jüri Ojaver) at the Kunsttankstella Ottakring gallery. The exhibition also showed a variety of past videos, sculpture and photographic works. I also performed a slightly new version of “Hang Out The Washing” first performed in Estonia in 2022.

Winter banquet

Living in the countryside you inevitably consider your relationship with nature and how fragile that might be.

I have always fed the wild birds that visit us, especially in the winter because they reward me so well in the springtime. For the last two years I have had a long table on which I have left seed etc. From the beginning the plan was that I would be on the table with the birds feeding off my body but it was quite complicated getting the birds to come to me. At first, if I was on the table, they would not trust me at all. So for two years I had a man’s efigy laying there so that the birds would get used to it. Then I took the false man away and put myself there in order to finally get the photograph with the birds, which is really a document of this real, three dimensional performance.

I noticed afterwards that remaining on the table top was a kind of vague shadow, left behind by the process, which I thought would also be good as a transient reminder of this process. It was like a shroud. I fixed the image with gold leaf which although is an eternal metal, in leaf form it seems very delicate and vulnerable, like the birds in winter.


Orgasmic saddle

Leather saddle with a small part covered in gold leaf and 2 green glass jewels inserted. It becomes “The green-eye of the little yellow god” from the famous British poem. It becomes a kind of idol.