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Lubastron Palace, Bydgoszcz, Poland. 2000
Beautiful baroque rooms, lavishly furnished, clean bright and silent. Many mirrors and paintings of past owners on the walls. A museum now - no longer a home. Silent with only the whispers of visitors echoing around the halls and rooms. The doors to one room are fixed only half open, so it is difficult but possible to squeeze through to where there is a large circular table surrounded by chairs. In the corner of the room is a large decorative ceramic tiled stove. Suddenly, from hidden speakers comes the sound of many children playing loudly and enthusiastically together - shouting. The vibration of their stomping can be felt in the room. A mans voice shushes them forcefully to be silent. For three minutes they are silent until the voice whispers “ Gone “ and they begin to play once more. This continues as a cycle.

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