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Selected Works



(With Anne Daniela Rodgers) for the Riga Sculpture Quadrennial
Mixed media, stuffed goats, turning mechanism, music. (diameter 2m – height 2m)

A traditional carousel in which the places for sitting, traditionally horses, are replaced by goats – goats which will seem normal at first glance but as the carousel goes round it becomes evident that the goats themselves are a façade, mutating forms, revealing the carcass, stuffing, wires and string of their construction. The whole is highly decorated in an overly kitsch manner, illuminated with coloured bulbs and revolving somewhat clumsily to traditional mechanical music

A kind of metaphor for conflicts of identity that people go through when trying to integrate into what may be an alien society for them, for whatever reason. Changing their appearance, identity, in an effort to conform, without really knowing what the outcome will be. Some of them perhaps not ready for those changes or perhaps pretending to change superficially, just in order to join the "merry go round". But on close examination it is not all it seems to be.

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