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Selected Works


Caramel Cuts

An installation in the potting shed beneath the Chapel in Boswil, Switzerland - December 2000.

At the back of the room a video monitor shows a man, with lower legs amputated, sitting on a plinth with a sword in hand - madly fighting against some invisible opponent. The swishing sound of the sword through the air is heard clearly above the man's heavy breathing.

In front of the monitor stands a small stool piled high with sugar. The sword used in the video is pushed vertically through the stool and its point is fixed to a small round hot-plate which sits underneath the stool. The hot-plate is red-hot and the sword is also hot.

Visitors to the room may take small amounts of sugar and throw it onto the hot-plate and sword creating a short firework effect and a strong small of caramel as the sugar burns.

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